Castle Ship Management Ltd manage a fleet of specialist ships, available for time charter in conjunction with offshore equipment hire on a “vessel only”, OR “vessel-plus-services” charter basis.

This is our current fleet. For more information click the image for a full overview including the General Arrangement, Ship Specifications, downloads and media.

Atlantic Endeavour

OSV Accommodation Floatel

Atlantic Enterprise

OSV Accommodation Floatel

  • Length 82.69 meters / GRT 6414
  • Built 1992-rebuilt 1998
  • Kongsberg Simrad KPOS DP2.
  • 2 x AHC Walk to Work gangways
  • CTV internal “garage” dry dock*
  • SPS Accommodation for 50-75
  • 3 point mooring
  • Helideck
  • Stabilisation system
  • 2 x Workboats & FRC
  • click here for more information about the Atlantic Enterprise

Atlantic Tonjer

OSV/DSV Accommodation Floatel

  • Length 80.77 meters / GRT 4200
  • Built 1983-rebuilt 2000
  • Kongsberg Simrad SDP- class DP2
  • 50 ton AHC offshore crane
  • Walk to Work gangway*
  • CTV on board store* & transfers
  • SPS Accommodation for 60-85
  • Helideck
  • Diving Operations (taut wire)
  • WROV Hanger
  • click here for more information about the Atlantic Tonjer

Atlantic Discovery

Multi Purpose Support Vessel

ROGE ROV Systems

Boulder removal - UXO - Inspection - Intervention

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