Subsea Mattress Lay

With either the MDS 3 system (lays three mattress units in a single ‘dive” OR single mattress deployment using our subsea single mattress frame. Combine with the iGrab for cable and pipeline ‘as buried’ surveys and tracking as we are optimised for the Pangeo SBI or TSS 350/450 trackers.

We have two systems capable of subsea mattress lay AND mattress removal.

iGrab system: This solution launches one mattress at a time. The iGrab is attached to the mattress frame and propels mattress into position using the 4 powerful subsea thrusters. The hydraulic power pack then releases the pins on the frame to release the matt in position. The advantage with this system is that a single spread of equipment does the entire job; The iGrab surveys (video / sonar) a pipeline or cable track, and then also lays the Matts and post surveys. One single system does all. Low cost solution with no separate ROV or diver solution required.

MDS 3 system: with the capability to launch and lay three mattress units at the same time. This unit uses 4 powerful subsea thrusters to change the heading and assist to position the matts accurately on the sea floor. The Atlantic Tonjer will operate this system. (Track record: Project Sept 2016, German waters. iGrab system simultaneously fitted with a cable tracker to assist with post lay burial inspection and mattress survey)

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