Subsea Boulder, Debris and UXO Removals

Subsea targets inspection, pre and post removal survey. Removal of debris, UXO and boulders or salvage with each lift from 5KG to 15,000 KG using our iGrab Utility ROV system. System provided with iGrab ROV Pilots and full support.

We are NUMBER 1 in the world for experience and ability with our iGrab ROV system iGrab RAKE System and iGrab ROV PILOTS.

We can remove subsea boulders at a rate of up to 40-100 boulders – or more – per 24hrs (depending on distance to be moved.) Our system acts like an ROV also, surveying, inspecting and clearing boulders and subsea intervention works (so no ROV, no diver and no airbags required).

The system can locate and pick up debris, cargo salvage, or boulders up to 2.5 meters in size and up to 15 tons in weight. (20 tons is also possible with minor change to certification).

We GUARANTEE to be faster and more efficient than any other method of subsea boulder removal and we are number 1 in the world with our experienced team and over 26,000 boulders removed in the past 4 years… See our track history

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